TruAmsterdam goes TruUtrecht

TruAmsterdam is back! After a succesful Rotterdam edition, we’ve decided to visit Utrecht this spring.

Once again we’re visiting a brand new city: but as you expect from us we’ll once again bring you a Tru-unconference that will stretch everything you know about Recruitment and make new friends in the going.

We’ll feature simultanuous tracks every hour in 4 streams: Process, Workshops, Target group recruitment and Technology.

We’re very grateful for our longlasting TruFriends of Ordina for hosting this edition.

Get your tickets HERE


Don’t know what Tru is about? Have a look at our previous editions.  

TruRide was awesome ;)

Contact us if you want to be part of this epic edition. @liesbetderouck, @coentunnel @gordonlokenberg, @Patrickboonstra, @yaeloc @brasker @ravanelburg @gijsnotte

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